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I have some other new contents of 2015 to publish on this blog but the everyday life keeps me busy (for example, my sons). If that were not enough, this website is ready for three languages but in practice I just write in Basque …when I write.

Regarding the topics covered here, I want to cover new ones but I don’t know how deep the everyday life will let me do that, so I have decided to make some changes: leave Sindominio project witch I consider it’s ran down and open a .EUS new site on January where I will publish only in Basque.

Regarding this website, here they are some data:

  • Duration: 9 years (2007-2015)
  • Articles: 147 (83 in Basque, 55 in Castilian and 10 in English)
  • Comments: 266 (142 in Basque, 116 in Castilian and 8 in English)

So, ikusimakusi.net is dead. I will not publish more here. See you in ikusimakusi.eus!

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I’m looking for a job http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2013/im-looking-for-a-job/ http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2013/im-looking-for-a-job/#comments Thu, 28 Mar 2013 15:46:54 +0000 http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/?p=45 Read More →]]> NOTE: On June I changed my work. I started as project manager in the R&D department at Didaktiker, from the bai&by group. And happy ;-)

Hi everybody!

This is my software developer résumé:

CV as developer (130 KB)

This other one is another résumé from a creative point of view:

CV as creative (1,3 MB)

I made also a collection with my graphic design works:

Portfolio (2,7 MB)

Finally, I recorded a videocurriculum that it is supposed to be very helpful on job searching.

Now is time to move this material to friends and acquaitances. Please, spread this news to your people. In the digital social networks too!

You can find how to contact me in the About page.

Thank you ^_^

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Creative Commons traffic light http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2012/creative-commons-traffic-light/ http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2012/creative-commons-traffic-light/#comments Wed, 26 Dec 2012 23:36:11 +0000 http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/?p=23 Read More →]]> Thanks to the comments I interchanged with Maite Goñi this last days, I knew the Creative Commons traffic light I created some years ago could be improved. Tha’s way I publish an updated version of it today:

creative commons semaforoa

Original image

The image is very similar to the first one. In the upper position, it is the restrictive copyright. Then, they came the most known Creative Commons licenses:

  • CC BY-NC-ND. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NonDerivs license.
  • CC BY-NC-SA. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.
  • CC BY-NC. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.
  • CC BY-ND. Creative Commons Attribution-NonDerivs license.
  • CC BY-SA. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. This is the only Creative Commons license that can be called copyleft type.
  • CC BY. Creative Commons Attribution license.

Public domain

And in the bottom part, it is the CC0 dedication (Creative Commons Zero). It isn’t a license, but a dedication. There is legal differente between both, but if you aren’t an advocate it isn’t something interesting. Anyway, the Creative Commons Zero aim is to let a work in the public domain.

It’s important to clarify that public domain doesn’t mean exactly the same everywhere. In general it does, because everyone can take the work and publish it, distribute it, change it, etc., without asking for permission to anybody. But they are some differences. For example in USA, an author can put his work directly in the public domain, while in the European Union, there are “moral rights” wich are inalienable (in Spain for example an author has a right to ask for the integrity of his work). To avoid this differences, Creative Commons created CC0 dedication, wich stablish that the author renounces all his/her rights over the work, but with a note: to the extend allowable by law.

The PD option included in the previous traffic light has been removed, because it was applicable only in USA and because Creative Commons itself decided to retire it in 2010.

Color classification

I’ll finish explaining the color classification I have used. The conventional copyright license wich all us know, is very restrictive and lets do very few things with the work. That’s way I put it in the red side of the traffic light. In the yellow side, I put some of the CC licenses. These licenses aren’t so restrictive, as they let copy, modify or publish the works in some situations or under certain conditions.

But to take the works as free (like in “freedom of speech”), they can’t have too many limitations. That’s way BY-SA, BY and CC0 are in the green side of the traffic light. The frontier I use to classify a work as free or not, it’s not my invention. It’s based on the agree of people from many areas. Seen the compatibility between free software definition, free cultural work definition and open knowledge definition, it’s hardly surprising that Creative Commons itself marked some of the options it offers as appropriate for free cultural works. Those wich have the seal “APROBED FOR Free Cultural Works”, are precisely the ones that are in the green side of the traffic light.

The source file of the new image:



Note: Thanks to Unai, from today on, the Creative Commons article of the Wikipedia in basque, shows the new version of the traffic light.

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Amusing maths bideos http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2012/amusing-maths-bideos/ http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2012/amusing-maths-bideos/#comments Sun, 12 Feb 2012 21:26:02 +0000 http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/?p=3 Who says maths aren’t funny ;-)

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Man names in basque language http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2010/man-names-in-basque-language/ http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2010/man-names-in-basque-language/#comments Sun, 20 Jun 2010 16:58:14 +0000 http://www.ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2010/man-names-in-basque-language/ Read More →]]> Two months ago I had a son and before we decided his name, I made a list. Here it is:

gizonezkoen-izenak.pdf (37 KB)

And here in OpenDocument format:

gizonezkoen-izenak.odt (20 KB)

My sons child is at page 3, column 7, row 8: Julen.

More information:

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Creative Commons Zero (CC0) http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2010/creative-commons-zero-cc0/ http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2010/creative-commons-zero-cc0/#comments Sat, 13 Feb 2010 23:10:20 +0000 http://www.ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2010/creative-commons-zero-cc0/ Read More →]]> cc0

Creative Commons has published a new license/certificate called CC0. More than one will ask himself why they publish another license if they are already a lot. The key is that this new certificate fills an important hole in the wordwide legislation that recognizes (and protects) the public domain, but don’t give to the author the option to release their works directly in the public domain. For that, an amount of years stablished by each legislation must be gone by and finally the works arrive to the public domain.

USA’s legislation allows the authors to release their works directly in the public domain and that’s why Creative Commons created the CC PD certificate. But in Europe (including France and Spain), this option is not in the provision of the legislations, so the authors can’t free their works. 70 years since the death of the author must be hold on.

cc public domain

Faced with this situation, I have decided to replace the generic public domain notice in the footer of this web site to the next new one: “All the contents of this website, unless it is indicated other thing, are given to the public domain to the extend allowable by law.”

The link references the Creative Commons’ CC0 certificate (it isn’t a license, but a certificate as the public domain legal notice):

pantaila argazkia

As you can see, this text says: “The person who associated a work with this document has dedicated the work to the Commons by waiving all of his or her rights to the work worldwide under copyright law and all related or neighboring legal rights he or she had in the work, to the extent allowable by law.”

This means that the author relinquish all the rights over the work, and if the law doesn’t allow to give up all them, the author relinquish all the rights allowed by the law.

To finish this article, here it is updated the image that shows all the options that Creative Commons offers, whether they are free (green) or not, whether they are copyleft or not, etc.:

creative commons lizentziak

If someone wants to obtain the images showed into this article in the original SVG format, take them from here:

creativecommons-semaforoa.tar.gz (93 KB)

More information:

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Manifesto: “In defense of the fundamental rights on Internet” http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2009/manifesto-rights-internet/ http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2009/manifesto-rights-internet/#comments Fri, 04 Dec 2009 12:03:55 +0000 http://www.ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2009/manifesto-in-defense-of-the-fundamental-rights-on-internet/ Read More →]]> www pigeon

Original image: Eneko (CC BY-SA 2.1)

A group of journalists, bloggers, professionals and creators want to express their firm opposition to the inclusion in a Draft Law of some changes to Spanish laws restricting the freedoms of expression, information and access to culture on the Internet. They also declare that:

1.- Copyright should not be placed above citizens’ fundamental rights to privacy, security, presumption of innocence, effective judicial protection and freedom of expression.

2.- Suspension of fundamental rights is and must remain an exclusive competence of judges. This blueprint, contrary to the provisions of Article 20.5 of the Spanish Constitution, places in the hands of the executive the power to keep Spanish citizens from accessing certain websites.

3.- The proposed laws would create legal uncertainty across Spanish IT companies, damaging one of the few areas of development and future of our economy, hindering the creation of startups, introducing barriers to competition and slowing down its international projection.

4.- The proposed laws threaten creativity and hinder cultural development. The Internet and new technologies have democratized the creation and publication of all types of content, which no longer depends on an old small industry but on multiple and different sources.

5.- Authors, like all workers, are entitled to live out of their creative ideas, business models and activities linked to their creations. Trying to hold an obsolete industry with legislative changes is neither fair nor realistic. If their business model was based on controlling copies of any creation and this is not possible any more on the Internet, they should look for a new business model.

6.- We believe that cultural industries need modern, effective, credible and affordable alternatives to survive. They also need to adapt to new social practices.

7.- The Internet should be free and not have any interference from groups that seek to perpetuate obsolete business models and stop the free flow of human knowledge.

8.- We ask the Government to guarantee net neutrality in Spain, as it will act as a framework in which a sustainable economy may develop.

9.- We propose a real reform of intellectual property rights in order to ensure a society of knowledge, promote the public domain and limit abuses from copyright organizations.

10.- In a democracy, laws and their amendments should only be adopted after a timely public debate and consultation with all involved parties. Legislative changes affecting fundamental rights can only be made in a Constitutional law.

More information:

Other languages: euskara, castellano

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Some vectorial images http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2007/some-vectorial-images/ http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2007/some-vectorial-images/#comments Mon, 29 Oct 2007 22:48:34 +0000 http://www.ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2007/some-vectorial-images/ Read More →]]> During last years, I have prepared several image proposals for logos, banners, stickers, images for T-shirts and similar purposes. The aim of all those designs was to help to choose an image on events and projects where I collaborated. I designed some of this proposals in the SVG open format using a free program called Inkscape. This kind of images have the special property that they don’t loose quality when you scale them. That’s why I thought it was worth to put this files accessible to everyone.

In this first image, you can see how to simulate a hand-made line thought Bézier curves:

Librezale Franki
Original SVG file

In the next image, you can see how it is possible to make a text to follow the path of a line you have previously drawn:

Zabaldu Irratia
Original SVG file

The next image contains symbols that you can use to create other images. I am talking about copyleft symbol, glider symbol and the recycling symbol:

Hackmeeting reciclante
Original SVG file

I created the next image for the RFID news section of Barrapunto.com. Overlapping several rectangles with rounded borders I achieved this logo in just a moment:

Barrapunto RFID
Original SVG file

Finally, I also have found the next image in my hard disc. This time, I wrote the at symbol and then I turned it a vectorial object. This way I could modify and give it the exact appearance I was looking for. By the other side, the stars I used to represent the fire of the fuse can be created using objects with so many edges as we want. On this kind of objects you can modify parameters like rotation angle, outer radius, inner radius and other ones. It is difficult to create this kind of shapes unless you are using vectorial tools, so you have to take this into account when you design images. Here is the shabby image I obtained with so powerful tools :-)

Hackmeeting arroba
Original SVG file

Warning: some day I have to compare some of the elements of this images with the Wikipedia Commons project and check if I can contribute somehow. Of course, any suggestion is absolutely welcome.

Other languages: euskara, castellano

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The magic of numbers in Hackelarre http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2007/the-magic-of-numbers-in-hackelarre/ http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2007/the-magic-of-numbers-in-hackelarre/#comments Fri, 19 Oct 2007 11:33:59 +0000 http://www.ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2007/the-magic-of-number-in-hackelarre/ Read More →]]> It is just celebrated this year’s Hackmeeting at Astra sozial center of Gernika and my contribution has been a lecture in spanish about the magic of numbers. Conbining humour and odd facts related to the number theory, I tried to make a pleasant lecture although the dry subject it can be math. As some of the public told me later, I achieved the objective so I am glad with the result.

To tell the truth, I didn’t have enought time to prepare all the contents that I would like to talk about, but if I ever repeat this lecture I will have time to improve the contents.

Here is the presentation I prepared:

20071014LaMagiaDeLosNumeros.pdf (5 MB)

20071014LaMagiaDeLosNumeros.odp (7,5 MB)

I am not sure if the lecture was saved by video, but the audio was. If that material becomes accessible later, I will advise in this article.

Update (2008/02/11): At last, I got the audio of the Hackmeeting’s speech, so now I will publish it. By the way, you can download or hear on-line other nodes of Hackelarre.

20071014LaMagiaDeLosNumeros.ogg (44 MB)

20071014LaMagiaDeLosNumeros.mp3 (70 MB)

Other languages: euskara, castellano

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Introduction http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2007/introduction/ http://ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2007/introduction/#comments Tue, 09 Oct 2007 19:19:51 +0000 http://www.ikusimakusi.eus/2007-2015/en/2007/introduction/ Read More →]]> Welcome to this new weblog. If you want to know more about who writes this, please read “About” page.

As you can see, this weblog has three languages (… well, in fact they are three weblogs). Later I want to add a wiki and a photolog or some similar section for my photographs. For now I think it’s enough with this!

The contents of this weblog are not divided by categories, as I don’t have a very clear idea about which subjects I am going to talk. Despite of this, I am going to classify the articles by tags as I find them much more practicals than categories.

Finally, I have to say that despite the blog, I don’t see myself as a conventional blogger. I say this because first of all, one of the reasons that has given me a boost to create this website is just to have a place where publish the contents which doesn’t fit at other projects where I take part. Another reason is that I think that in this moment of my life, I am leaving a more introspective phase and I am starting a more productive one (at least from the net’s point of view). Besides, I will produce the articles without any regular recurrence, staying mute perhaps for long periods of time. Most of the bloggers will think this is bad for the blog, but, despite of all, I have come here to do this.

In any case, that fond of replicating memes and that fever for new web tools as many bloggers profess, are absolutely not interesting for me. My aim is to create contents. About very different subjects, in different formats and beside when I want to. So, my appreciated friend who is reading this lines, give yourself advised about what you can find inside this website.

I am conscious that a weblog of this nature will not show appealing for most people. But this is the way I have found to satisfy my expressive needs. If this is also useful for anyone else, so much the better.

Other languages: euskara, castellano

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